Friday 18 June 2021

Two Poems by Yuu Ikeda




Fear is a crack of courage


From the crack,

tears drop

like moonlight does,

waves of tremble resound

like a symphony does



courage never breaks



that braced to feel fear

never breaks

even if invisible fear

makes it bloody


Courage has a crack


Into the crack,

waves of strong breath flow

like sunlight does



Bourbon Night 


Bourbon night


I'm merry on the hazy moon


Hovering world

soaks my veins


Bourbon night


I'm merry on picturesque wind


Waving world

dyes my veins pastel colors


Tonight is bourbon night


I'll never be able to know

the shape of tonight



I know

the scent of tonight,

the silhouette of tonight


Bourbon night



Yuu Ikeda is a Japan based poet. She loves writing, reading mystery novels, and drinking sugary coffee.

She writes poetry on her website.

Her published poems are “On the Bed” in Nymphs, “Love? or Death?” in Sad Girl Review,

“Poetry Drops Like Raindrops Do” in JMWW and more.

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