Sunday 21 January 2024

John Kucera Exposed As Serial Plagiarist


    John Kucera Exposed As Serial Plagiarist

Plagiarism by John Kucera. I have been informed by Gabriel Ehri, the executive director of Friends Publishing Corporation, who publish Friends Journal that a poem they published as "Glaciers" by John Kucera (real last name Siepkes) was actually "In the Fifth Month of Lockdown I Plant Clematis" by John Minczeski, which was published in One Art in 2022. 
Earlier this week, one of Friends Journal's readers notified them that Kucera has been identified as a plagiarist, who submitted Sharang Biswas's story "Waiting for Jonah," which was published in Nightmares magazine, to another outlet as his own work. That outlet, Future Fires, has apparently published and retracted the story that appeared under Kucera's byline, though no statement is yet available from Future Fires.

In view of this evidence, I have now removed the five poems alleged to be by someone calling himself John Kucera and published on the LPJ Blog on August 13th, 2023 from the Lothlorien Poetry Journal Website. These poems were titled: Explosion; Thoughts on Shame; Lost to Pain; Cohabitation; Codependency. 

I am now investigating whether or not Mr Kucera has plagiarised any of these poems and profoundly apologise to the original authors if he indeed has plagiarised their work. 

I am indebted to Gabriel Ehri and Martin Kelley (Senior Editor) for informing me of John Kucera's multiple acts of plagiarism. 

Lothlorien Poetry Journal has a zero tolerance policy as regards plagiarism and will vigourously and visibly expose anyone found plagiarising another poet/author or artists work. I will be sharing this on the Lothlorien Poetry Journal Blog and Twitter/X.

Strider Marcus Jones
Lothlorien Poetry Journal
Three Poems by John Minczeski
Three Poems by John Minczeski
In the Fifth Month of Lockdown I Plant Clematis The shovel, striking a root, thunked all the way down to my moist heart. An acolyte, I knelt to bury the plant to its neck. Blame me for trusting coi…

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