Tuesday 16 January 2024

Eight Haiku Poems by R.I. Károly


Eight Haiku Poems


eyes folded in dreams

opening to the water

falling from the stars



shadow of a doubt

hanging low above our heads

eclipsing the sun


june night

moonlight on the shore

falling on my barefoot dreams

wading in the surf



silence of the crows

feathering in memories

perched upon my years



the strings of my heart

play dissonant harmonies

ice cracks in their wake


treasure map

follow the secret

constellations on your skin

point me to true north



lulled by surge and crash

the hands of the changing winds

pull upon my sails



anemone song

lulling lost souls to respite

dream eternally

R.I. Károly (she/her) is a Hungarian writer, currently living in Germany. She writes poetry and prose both in her native Hungarian, as well as English. Some of her work has been published in The Daily Verse (The Wise Owl Magazine), Scarlet Dragonfly Journal, Leaf (Journal of The Daily Haiku), haikuNetra, and Southern Gothic Creations. She can be found on social media at https://www.instagram.com/rikaroly/.

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