Friday 12 January 2024

One Poem by Moe Seager


River Traffic
Through my life I have found place and direction 
Lost time returned 
My deep rooted self culled stoic 
Mercifully rendered, enjoined to a river
Vapors, a mist arisen as ebb to flow
At ease of passage the Seine
Saturates my porous flesh
Quenches my parched thirst  
Satiates neglected need, primal 
Gently lofting I hear 
The opus of Spartacus 
Note and note peeling 
From the feather fluted breaths 
The giving gifted lips of 
Yusef Lateef 
Blessed synchronicity of 
Jazz over sacred waters 
Moe Seager
first moment of Sparus, peeled petal and petal frMm the feather tongue and the
kissing lips of Yusef Lateef

Moe Seager is a poet and jazz & blues vocalist who sings his poems on stages in Paris, New York and elsewhere and has recorded 2 jazzpoetry c.d.s.

Seager founded and hosts Angora Poets (Paris) World Café,100 Thousand Poets for Change Paris and is one of the coordinators for le Fédération des Poètes Paris.

He has 5 collections of poetry and currently publishes with Onslaught press, Oxford, U.K.  Other poetry collections are issued from the French Ministry of Culture –

Dream Bearers,1990.

One World, Cairo Press –in Arabic translation, 2004 

We Want Everything in French translation, les Temps des Cirises, Paris, 1994

Perhaps, La Maison de la Poesie, Grenoble, France, 2006

Fishermen and Pool Sharks Busking editions, London, 1992

Additionally Seager won a Golden Quill Award (USA) for investigative journalism,1989  and received an International Human Rights award from the Zepp foundation, 1990.

He teaches writing in Paris.

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