Tuesday 23 January 2024

Nine Haiku Poems by Jennifer Gurney



in the silence

your laughter echoes on--

love's echolocation




there are times

I wish life had

a mute button




silence comes--

a welcome friend

amidst life's tumult




silence falls

with the setting sun--

gentle snowflakes of calm




there aren't enough words

to convey my gratitude--

hence, my silence





into the silence you step--

light as a whisper




if I still myself

I can hear you, still--

even in silence




I can hear

my heart beat loudly--

through the silence




the snow sings

a melody as it falls--

harmonic silence

Jennifer Gurney lives in Colorado where she teaches, paints, writes and hikes. Her poetry has appeared in a variety of journals, including Lothlorien, The Ravens Perch, HaikUniverse, Haiku Corner, Cold Moon Journal, Scarlet Dragonfly and The Haiku Foundation.

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