Wednesday 24 January 2024

One Poem by Amrita Valan


Mobius, Meristem Metamorphosis  


I am not the person I once was

I am not her

Who thought she was,

What she was not.


Changes core cyclically

Into the essence and nascence

Of the germane seed.


Metamorphosis metastasizes

Derivative, deceptive.


We evolve, gradually

In meristem.


Stasis too,

Is progression.


Realise the intervals

In between pauses

The shape shifting

Within. Without

Mistaking the journey

For arrival.


Each photonic second

Retains turgid light

The complete image

Of incomplete



Evolution is

Change of view

Perspective alterations

Tumbling patterns.



But wait friend,

Awhile in meristem.


In the

In between,

Layers peel back,

Into their own wondrous



This compassion is endless.

This self-discovery merciful.

This is the grace of infinite


The one, you will not

Fully comprehend.


But absorb in skin, talon, and hair


Shed with shredded seasons.


This station too shall pass.


Elated, I thought once,

I had arrived.

Drank the bubbly ale,

What sheer glee.


Then, my mouth trembling sank beyond

Event horizon’s deep black hole

Tongued my seared heart.

Teeth gnawed my gut, scraped my sacred

Tender womb, Inside I went, so deep,

It was into another universe.


Where the rules? They were no more

Virtual lateral inversions. No more easy

Lessons. I saw true likeness, in its

Glorious reverse.


Then, my train hurtled downtown,

Death scrambled past, present, future.


Ominous skeletal posterns,

Flashed metallic.

In the valley of Cipher.

Tangled cables crossed,

Signals got lost.


Ghosted by all I knew.

Connections tossed.

Me back.


Back, to the wall.

Tick tocks of subatomic clocks,

Measure me in universal moments,

In between the pauses.



We all know the measure,

Of Collateral cost.


Tears, pungent plungers into

Clarity of total loss.


Stripping of mean carcass

Flaying maggoty ribald flesh.


Look the chassis in iron face.


Is this what your will wrought?


Form from bone stripped

Agony’s soggy rot

Work its steel magic.


Tripping. Ride the

Horseman of

Self-apocalypse into



Change a chrysalis.

Challenge a crucible.

Your mutable mettle,

Melts into spring.

Denuded into new day.


Those tested, tests multiple

Masked selves.

Cosmic lab work.

Thought, worded flesh.

In the bone grows Will.

Blood beaches shore of



Your end marks

Its beginning.



To explore

Another impossible



Ride moonlit,

Sheer rockface,

Towering gurgling

Inky insanity,

Oceanic liquidation

The ghastly cliff



Amrita Valan is a writer from Bangalore, India and has a master’s degree in English Literature. She has worked in various professions, ranging from the hospitality industry, BPOs and as content creator in deductive logic and reasoning in English.

She is currently a stay-at-home mom to her two boys.

Her work has been published in many anthologies and online journals. The anthologies include, Poetica 2 and 3, To Be or Not To Be a Writer, The Poet’s Christmas Childhood and Faith anthologies, Divided: A Poet’s Stance, The Ink and the Sword, Down the Rabbit Hole, Fire and Ice, Earth Wind Rain and Fire Anthology, The ImpSpired Vol 7& 8 Anthology, The Alien Buddha Wears a Black Bandanna among others. Her poems and stories Have featured in Spillwords, Café Lit, Café Dissensus, Shot glass Journal, Oddball magazine, Modern Literature, Indian Periodical, Potato Soup Journal, Literary Yard, Poetryand Places, LothLorien poetry Journal and Portland Metrozine among many others.

Arrivederci, (Goodbye till we meet again), her debut collection of fifty poems about arrivals and departures, farewells and hopes of reunion, love loss grief and recollection is published on Amazon as of 7 May 2021.


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