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Lothlorien Poetry Journal

Best of the Net Nominations 2021


John Drudge - Rimbaud's Footprints 

                                                               Published on 4th June, 2021

Lilija Valis -    Late Night Radio

                                                               Published on 2nd March, 2021

John Doyle -    Beautiful 

                                                               Published on 14th June, 2021

Adele Ogier Jones - Ensemble

                                                               Published on 27th March, 2021

J.D. Nelson - to mask a little bird

                                                               Published on 19th April, 2021                                              

Denise O'Hagan - Still the rain kept falling

                                                             Published on 28th February, 2021

Short Stories/Flash Fiction

David Butler - Funeral Blues

                                                              Published on 18th March, 2021

Nodirabegim Ibrokhimova - Writer's Death

                                                              Published on 23rd May, 2021

Creative Non-Fiction

Margaret Kiernan - Leave the Calling Card

                                                             Published on 24th February, 2021

Moe Seager - Valentine Offering

                                                             Published on 16th February, 2021

Congratulations to those I have nominated and better luck next time to those I have not. My sincere gratitude to you all for giving me the opportunity to publish your superb poetry and prose. To me, you are all worthy of nomination. Mo Anam Cara fellow Lothlorians.


The annual Best of the Net Anthology is a project of Sundress Publications.

Participant Qualifications:

  • Submissions must come from the editor of the publication (journal, chapbook, online press, etc), or, if the work is self-published, it may be sent by the author.
  • Submissions must have originally appeared online, though later print versions are acceptable.
  • The poem, story, or essay must have been first published or appeared on the web between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021.
  • For journals and presses, each entry may include up to:
    -six poems
    -two stories
    -two works of creative nonfiction
    -and three works of art.




1 comment:

  1. Truly honoured to be part of this amazing project. Heartfelt thanks to Lothlorien Poetry Journal, its editor, Strider Marcus Jones. This has been an awesome year, for many reasons. This is the crowning.


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