Sunday 20 November 2022

One Poem by Digby Beaumont


Art by Digby Beaumont

One-Man Band by Digby Beaumont


I’m a one-man band

You may have seen me perform in The Strand

Streetwise, I’m known as Scots Rio Grand


I’m tall and tanned

Known for sporting a kilt, sporran and tartan headband

With second-hand bootsTimberland

I play harp, high hat, drums and Banjo Ban

Sometimes, when things get slow, I’ll throw in a soft shoe shuffle in a handful of sand

One way or another, pretty damn grand


My old, brown dog, Ferdinand

He’s always here with mein my heartsitting shotgun by the hat, still taking a bow when the crowd gives a big hand

Time’s short, there’s no going back, so I guess this it for me, my destiny, always to be, a one-man band

Digby Beaumont is a widely published English writer. His flash fiction and short stories have appeared in more than 100 journals, magazines and anthologies, including the international anthology, The Best Small Fictions. His collection of one-page stories, Dancing Alone and Other Lessons, was released in 2020. Digby is also an artist. His artwork has been published extensively in collaboration with writers of poetry, fiction and music.



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