Friday 18 November 2022

Haiku,Senryu and Tanka by Jackie Chou



keeping warm

outside 7-Eleven

all night…

an autumn memory

of missing the last bus

a peaceful walk

interrupted by low hums

from a tree…

hummingbirds with deadly beaks

vying for mates around nests

evening walk

with every step the sky

turns a deeper blue...

soon the moon will fill out

as nights become memories

wishing for rain

just to listen to its rhythmic

drum beats…

the weather stays dry all day

no music from the heavens 

twenty years

after dad left the world

still angry…

life is so hard without him

his problem solving spirit 

De Kooning

his name so familiar 

but not his art…

woman with blurred face

worth $160 million 


autumn woods

the blue sky peeks through

terracotta trees

autumn chill

cocooning in the haven

of my own head

full moon night

the pavement carries

my dancing feet

green flannel shirt

I can still feel the chill

inside the picture 

a gathering…

crows on a power line

evenly spaced

autumn leaves

the change in dad's tone

after my job loss



a bittersweet bite

of mid-life

praying to Buddha

a faint glint of light

on the incense tip

autumn dusk

lights of red-eared sliders

emerge from the pond

Jackie Chou is a poet of Japanese short form poetry and free verses from Southern California who gets her inspiration from both her inner world and outer surroundings. Besides writing, she loves to watch the news, Jeopardy, and talent competitions on TV.

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