Monday 28 November 2022

Five Poems by petro c. k.


Sugar and Crematory


burnt out and about 

the citizens that have 

a good exit strategy 



Inhaling Osiris


Slowly shadowing butterflies 

     shower with the moss 

the other colours 

    begin to make a new ache 

at the edge of tomorrow 

    designing their landscape

ambushing the numbers

    of twilight trysts



Remember That Little Doubt 


Flames become a problem 

for the drought 


a lot of frayed nerves

trail into the night sky every day 


An ambulance in the distance 

of the reassembled molecular horizon


leaving behind the static page

that burns down to the final word



Don't Bogart the Norm


Clip joint defunct

without the thuggish stud


This gruff judge 

preens regret


Ugh gorgeously 

Bette Davis eyes are not done 



That Birds Dredged Idyllic Beds


             After you have been 

created with the most common sense 


and the days before the horses

            leave the country 


and the days before the fields 

           are the depths annexed 


A night gardener of your zen garden 

          says being the coy water lilies 


          gets the most vivid graft

of everyday phototherapy 


petro c. k. is a temporal being living in the primordial emerald landscape of the Pacific Northwest. His creative life has just recently included writing, with haiku and other short-form poetry already published in dozens of journals. In between bouts of existential dread and listening to music that 99% of people find too weird for them, he is working on his first collection of poetry.

Influenced by surrealism and dada techniques, the poems presented here have been created in part by using predictive text.

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