Sunday 20 November 2022

Five Poems by Laura Daniels



Invisible till you aren't
Invisible in plain sight

There's no one here yet?

His dark eyes looked deep within my soul and saw a thing I’d never seen.
There's no one here yet? Asked
each time I walked into the pub at 5 pm
as happy hour started and I searched for friends

There's no one here yet?

One day he said to me, “What about me? Aren't I someone?”

that made me stop - stunned by my insensitivity - and think about words  

words spoken each time I greeted him - he was non-existent
made to feel like a placeholder - less than


There's no one here yet?

Called out - pow - like a punch to the gut
Shot fired; target hit

That happened more than forty years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday. He was my friend, and his name was Joe - he introduced me to Are You Experienced - he had a fascination with heroin. We never did it, but it was a talking point; what would happen if we did? would it be better than anything we’d ever tried? He talked of his fear of driving down south. He lived with Kathleen. We shared a bed, he was with Kathleen, and I was with Miguel.


Nomenclature Ghazal 

It was her fourth   his second daughter to name, 

she was tired, stumped          he chose the name. 


The nest, a battleground or sanctuary at times

just spin the wheel to determine today's name


Work done on the job is to earn coins to live 

what gets done each day is not easy to name


What are you called?       Do you have a handle? 

How do you identify? Have you chosen a name? 


He bestowed a crown of laurel          upon her head,

her father’s ancestry is shared by more than a name.

Progressive Garden Stating

I come from the Garden state, but it’s not apparent

the biota has all but disappeared

in its place are airports for planes

marine ports for cargo ships

miles of crisscrossing travel ports

leaving no room for flora and fauna

in its place are cancer alleys

smoke, smog, and putrid smells

nature can’t cope or compete

trafficking wins, levying a high toll


Sitting by Myself

Passing the time looking out the window
wondering where all the frantic chipmunks go as they slip in and out of rocks
Squirrels follow, toot sweet, rushing to and frow
who and what and where do they go

Ferreting out hidden gems and morsels in them-there rocks

spotting a glut of hidden nuts, what a treasure trove

Migrating grey birds fly as one
flocking because there's strength in numbers
landing together to forage and feed

searching the ground for hidden nourishment

Seeing all this and basking in their beauty

a village filled with squirrels, chipmunks, and birds
living outside my window

Sensuality of Cooking


The scents

the texture

the sizzle and simmer

the act of slicing




oh, and the kneading 

oddly soothing, in a Zen kind of way

wooden spoons are best for gently stirring and mixing 

in the Holy Trinity of cooking



                                                             green pepper

peeling raw shrimps, shells saved

adding them to flavour the seafood broth

their natural salty-sea flavour releasing

their scent fills the kitchen like 




Remembering to punch down the bread dough

after it magically rises above the bowl




the dough in loaves

before its final journey into the over


the labour intensity of meal preparation

a workout as you cookout, complex and complicated

tasting and seasoning as all the flavours marry together

homemade soup and bread, simple comfort food

Bon Appetit

Laura Daniels writes for both adults and children. Founder of the Facebook blog The Fringe 999 - - published daily and welcomes members to share their creative endeavors. She’s been published in the Visible Ink 2021/2022 Anthology, New Jersey Bards Poetry Review 2022, Topical Poetry, Smarty Pants Magazine for Kids, and many other literary journals. She’s an active member of Women Who Write, Jersey Poets, and the Livingston Writers Critique Group and can be found on Instagram at Her writing explores transformation, nature, and slice of life. She lives with her family in Mount Arlington, New Jersey.



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