Thursday 3 November 2022

Two Poems by Kelly Sargent



I wandered, innocently.

An illusory, eloquent invitation beckoned me.

I     wandered         innocently. 

A veiled breeze intent on seduction 

brushed the ripened skin of my back bare.

A taunting whisper hushed me into place

using tender, copper reeds as her accomplice, 

braided blinding by sun’s smugly-nimble fingers 

that winked at my ignorance, intimating collusion.

Scorched and alone,

I inked the earth.

She absorbed me like a parched canvas.  

Desert rains




I didn’t know until I came

that I wanted to come,

and succumb to innocence feigned.


*A slightly different version

entitled “The Canvas” appeared in New Note Poetry.




Beside my cabin, a reflection shimmers on humid luminescence

that bewitches me curiously within,

captivating me against my will. 

The brazen luster measures without apology 

my depths and my shallows without my consent,

revealing secrets I’ve kept surreptitiously hidden

from sunlight

that continues to remain loyal

whether I deserve it or not.

Entranced in a mesmeric gaze, we eye one another


until a dragonfly skims the surface

and breaks the enchantment.

I am revealed in ripples that disseminate

an imperfect nature.

*First appeared in Nothing Divine Dies: A Poetry Anthology About Nature (Vita

Brevis Press).


A Vermont writer and artist, Kelly Sargent is the author of Seeing Voices: Poetry in Motion (2022) and Lilacs and Teacups (2022). Her other works, including cover and award-nominated art and poetry, have appeared or are forthcoming in more than sixty literary publications, including  Rattle, Chestnut Review, Typehouse Literary Magazine, and Eunoia Review. A recognized haiku poem received a placard in Washington, D.C. this year. She currently serves as the creative nonfiction editor of The Bookends Review and a reviewer for an organization supporting the artistic expression of sexual violence survivors. Visit to learn more about her.  


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