Thursday 17 November 2022

Four Poems by Wayne F. Burke



I am leaving for Mars


Will take 8 months to

arrive: will call you on

arrival. The call

will take 2-3 weeks

to reach you.

Please pick up.

Will return near the first

of the following year.

See you then?





is like being lost in the 


walking around trying

to get back to some place

recognizable, while

fighting the anxiety of

separation, until


accepting your new indeterminate

condition, between

life, or living, and

death, or dying--

and then feeling anxiety-free

as you begin to enjoy

being dead--

like a new career forced upon you;

one you fought against, but, once


found you like it; are

glad you made the change.



A fat man in a car

parked at the edge of the

park: He stares at me,

to glean the low-down,

the dope,

the skinny...

He is C.I.A., MOSSAD, KGB.

He reports to mission control

by speaking into the

glove compartment.





she went on vacation

and when she returned

discovered her house gone

and no one could tell her


a big truck, the authorities said

came and took it.

She moved into an apartment

and never did come to know

where her house went, but

one thing she knew for sure:

she would never go on vacation


Wayne F. Burke's poetry has been widely published in print and online (including in LOTHLORIEN POETRY JOURNAL). He is author of 8 published poetry collections and one short story collection. His most recently published book is a nonfiction work titled HENRY MILLER, Spirit & Flesh, 2022, He lives in Vermont.


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