Tuesday 9 January 2024

Four Poems by George Vance


A Wall in Crete


(Sept 25 -  recalled from the night before)

Paleokastro heat

Hold a position in bed for 45 minutes :




submitted to




                              Deep-in  some-thing  out-there



‘ This pale wall displays history

               runnels   rivers gushing


               drying up    gullies in all directions

beings were here    making many things

               long gone

               long appeared ‘



(Sept 26)


‘My wall shows a jutting mountain from

               just after the beginning

               it will last and last


               quaked   crushed   riven

               crumble away

The uni.verse will take

               little note

               one of a quadrillion

               in its vicinity

               jostling for prominence


               crumb ‘


(Sept 27)


‘The wall is dense with stars



meteors among them

               twirling white streaks in the milky plane


                              from what

                              ( their dying pasts   so present …

                              toward what

                              ( their imminent futures …

                              known   but not to them ‘


(Sept 28)


‘This white wall has an incipient black hole

for now a depression

whirling    quantum-levering

striving for new dimensions

on the other side

is a room   is room   space

une espace


while yet pass through the long-gone beings

as do its similars

to be long-gone

and arrive again  some-

ever ‘

George Vance. Reims, France. Author of A Short Circuit & Xmas Collage, from corrupt press. Has read  at Paris venues IVY, Poets Live, Live Poets, Wice, Spoken Word. Published in Upstairs at Duroc, Bastille, on-line mags Nth dgree, RETORT, EKLEKSOPEDIA, Lothlorian Poetry Journal. His video ‘Heights of Experience’ was presented in Brussels as part of ARTCETERA, and an experimental piece (In)(de)finite Gist was presented at the 2018 David Foster Wallace Conference.

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