Wednesday, 2 June 2021

Eight Haiku by Miriam Sagan


the day

painted a watercolour circle

even without you

smoke, fog, ink stroke

thoughts that disappear

before dawn

crow on a wire

the baby caws

at an empty sky

I made the garden

bed, now they lie in it—


in his old journals

he claims he loved

only me

ten times a day

my to do list says:

stare out the window

no justice no peace

Reconciliation Park


mindfulness teacher

never learns

my name

Miriam Sagan is the author of over thirty books of poetry, fiction, and memoir. Her most recent include Bluebeard's Castle (Red Mountain, 2019) and A Hundred Cups of Coffee (Tres Chicas, 2019). She is a two-time winner of the New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards as well as a recipient of the City of Santa Fe Mayor's Award for Excellence in the Arts and a New Mexico Literary Arts Gratitude Award. She has been a writer in residence in four national parks, Yaddo, MacDowell, Gullkistan in Iceland, Kura Studio in Japan, and a dozen more remote and interesting places. She works with text and sculptural installation as part of the creative team Maternal Mitochondria in venues ranging from RV Parks to galleries. She founded and directed the creative writing program at Santa Fe Community College until her retirement. Her poetry was set to music for the Santa Fe Women's Chorus, incised on stoneware for a haiku pathway, and projected as video inside an abandoned grain silo in rural Itoshima. Her blog is Miriam's Well--

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