Tuesday, 29 June 2021

Five Wonderful Poems by Nilofar Shidmher


Summer Return


When my lights are off

and curtains drawn

you come back:

a deer grazing

on the thinning lawn

by the entrance.

I keep watching you

till you see my

hungry eyes

through the crack of the blinds. 


Startled, you run away,

and I hide

in my dark room,        


for winter to pass

waiting for the day

when out from

the soil of forgetfulness

the first blade

of grass grows back.


I let this also pass,

looking forward

to summer

so scorching hot

that your memory

of me starts thinning

thus you return,

thinking she’s gone                                                                                

and won’t be

seeking me again.

Eternal Emigration


Leafless November trees

shudder in rain.

Look how soon

autumn arrived

as we lay down

our roots!


Our roots are extended

the soil of this land thin

winter is coming.

Are we going to uproot

leave again with this freezing wind

that scatters the sailboats?




Regret is the apple

of chance

I didn’t pick when ripe.


That apple

has now blackened

in my chest.


Eve’s apple

at whose heart

remorse gnaws


a fat worm.




On the warmth of my waist

lands a hand

like a butterfly

flutters its wings

propels me upward

to the apex of my desires. 


Eagle & Peacock


Every night he takes off

with me in his claws.

We rise through clouds

making them part

while heading to the summit


where I open my eyes

and wait

underneath the wide arc

of his wings

wait until his last breath


when he suddenly dives down

an arrow cutting through clouds

but before hitting the earth

I release myself

to deftly land


while opening my feathers

like rays

and become a rising sun

his eagle eyes cast skyward

fail to see.


NILOFAR SHIDMHER is a bilingual writer, poet, arts-informed research scholar, and educator. She is the author of two collections of short fiction and five books of poetry in English and Persian. Shidmehr has served three times as a Writer-in-Residence in Canada. She teaches in the Liberal Arts Program at Simon Fraser University.


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