Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Four Poems by Danny D. Ford




Down at Marco’s

you used to be able

to get a job

off the books


& the bakers

would stay up all night

so as not to be late

for the 4am starts


& there used to be

a boy

that hung around


his sweet smile


explosive rage


that was sitting

inside of him



for his pregnant girlfriend

to die in delivery


her bubble gum bursting

for the last time


not long after

he punched out

the two front teeth

of a slender queen


The Government Has Decided to Lay Siege on My Marriage 


friends don’t know where to look


I shout

she scratches

& between us

we figure out



to fill in the form correctly


after ten attempts

passwords just become

more words



are now looking

for new gardens


they no longer seem interested

in our make shift pool

with the cat shit lilo

chilling at the deep end

next to the plants

that beg like spoilt children


Old Fashioned 


There was one pub

that would serve us

though we were underage


but the place was big

& so we hid

out back


she was often there

a day drinker

like her man



for showing

her snatch

after one too many


some said

they got off on it

instigated situations


others said

it was just

old fashioned fun


one night

on the way out

they were in the car park

with a video camera


we mooned the lens

& he said


‘that’s right

get your balls out too’



The night before

my brother’s wedding

I saw my ex-girlfriend’s parents

walking past the pub


two fucking




and I see their sunburnt faces

waddling up the road


she was alright

shy & in the shade

of his gut


but he hated me

& I felt much the same


later we drank tequila

and my brother

had to use

the dance floor mirrors

to reach the toilet


bouncing along

against his own reflection

like a daddy long legs

Danny D. Ford’s debut collection 'Slides for Alberto' was published in May 2021 by Between Shadows Press. His poetry, illustrations and photography have appeared in various titles including 'Double Feature' (by John Dorsey & Mike James) & 'Perforated By Sirens' (co-authored with Mark Anthony Pearce) Analog Submission Press 2021 & 2020 respectively, Albany Poets, Cacti Fur, Dumpster Fire Press, Inefável, Horror Sleaze Trash, Dumpster Fire Press, Punk Noir Magazine, Cephalo Press, Superpresent Magazine, Ancient Heart Magazine, Black Listed Magazine, Dark Lane Quarterly Collaborative, Lazybox,  Bare Hands, BS Poetry Magazine, Coronaverses, & Winamop. 

The Unfolding Head’ is co-founder & compère of Dust Your Broom & print collective Never Kill a Rainbow, in Bergamo, Italy, where he lives and works as an English teacher.

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