Monday, 28 June 2021

Seven Haiku Poems by Joe Sebastian


power outage

between the fireflies

changing shape of darkness

swept in
the hospice revolving door
autumn leaves

from its  belly

bull-frog disgorges a storm

the  well echoes

late summer

the stream steadily

losing its voice

sea shore wedding

two synchronized gulls

dip and dive

snowed lake

a white heron follows

wake of the boat

baiting fish

with fish

landing a sodden shoe

Joe Sebastian is a Gold medallist post graduate in Political Science and International Relations, serving the Government of India and currently posted as Principal Commissioner of Income -Tax. He has recently penned a collection of Haiku poetry titled 'MYRIAD MUSINGS'. Married, he lives in Chennai, India with his wife, daughter, son and a Golden Retriever ,Scotch. His work has been accepted/published  in various international journals including, The Wales Haiku Journal,  Creatrix,  Cold Moon Journal,  Presence,  Haikuniverse,  Dylan Thomas Anthology,  The Haiku Foundation, Asahi Shinbum,Muse India, Haiku Xpressions,The Akitsu Quarterly, Failed Haiku, The Bamboo Hut, Poetry Pea, The Sunflower Collective and Stardust Haiku etc. His other interests include travelling, music, organic farming /gardening and its advocacy and conduct of sports and games for the mentally challenged. He can be reached at

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