Sunday, 13 June 2021

One Poem by Afiah Obenewaa


Kentry ‘ard


I saw a woman in trotro today.

She looked weather—beaten and frail.

Her face bore the tales of distant lands.

Life had shoved her in more places than one.


I heard her mumble a plea.

Inching closer I made out a few words.

It was a prayer for her wayward husband.

I stared in admiration.


I wanted her to teach me her special skill.

I desired to learn the art of caging this raging

beast in my breast.

I want it tamed so someone’s son

doesn’t end up with a broken head.


I wanted a lesson

but the mate shouted my stop

and I had to grudgingly trudge down. 

Afiah Obenewaa - is a writer living and working in Accra-Ghana West Africa. She is mostly interested in works that feature 'everyday ordinary people'. She believes they are the real creators of magic.





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