Friday 4 February 2022

Two Wonderful Poems by Ursula O'Reilly




If you should spy a crafty gnome

Beside an open fire, humming a tune.

Tap- tapping his tiny hammer

Upon a diminutive shoe.

Expression on his face a mix

Of mischief, curiosity, and wit.


Would you think him comical,

With ruddy cheeks, eyes aglow?

Entrancing scene to witness,

A fortunate happenstance?

Friend, no! Pass him by.

Do not disturb the gnome.


Shoemaking for his fairy kin,

If he perceives you, he will twist

Beguiling charms, to bind and draw you in.

A cunning heart he may possess,

Beneath his cheery face

And jovial grin.


Friend, beware! Take shrewd advice.

Not every imp who drones a tune,

May prove benevolent,

Loyal and true.

Pass him by, leave him be.

Do not disturb the gnome.



One day while I was walking, my heavy heart filled with care.  Unaware I was passing a place of hidden secret things; I did not see the shadows lurking, creeping by the Fairy Ring.  That place of unsubstantial things, appearing not in blinded day. Blind I was to fairy folk, so I went boldly on my way. Blind I was to elfin folk, my mind laden with foolish care; I did not stop to wonder who or what was lurking there. I did not see the shadows lurch; I did not notice silence fall. I did not see that I had wandered where no living mortal should. Stumbled on the fairy ring, a place where others had entered in, and not returned. Before I was inclined to cry, before I could exclaim a word; my heart was captured, my eyes wide, incredulous at all I saw and heard. Within the Ring, the Fairy Ring; incredulous at all I there observed. My heart was lost, and I was taken far beyond enchanted worlds. And I was taken far beyond, beyond the lost enchanted worlds.

Ursula O’Reilly lives in County Cavan, Ireland, and enjoys writing poetry and fiction. Her other interests include painting, drama  and reading.  Ursula has had her work published online and in numerous magazines including ‘Poetry Plus magazine’, ‘Young Ravens Literary Review’, ‘Otherwise Engaged Literature and Arts Journal’, ‘Woman’s Way magazine’, ‘Vita Brevis Poetry Press’, and by ‘Earlyworks Press’.        

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