Friday 25 February 2022

Three Poems by Piku Chowdhury



Living fossils

The moon breaks with a pompous crack

And shards descend in a pensive pace

Piercing bogs of fossil hearts

Still in rust and stagnation.

Moon blanched veins then shudder and wake

To possibilities of life and death

Moon in blood and moon in lungs

Trace of life in stony frames, and

Fear of life in eyes of dead .

What fear after feeling alive

Even if for a fleeting moment!


The curling shadows lying askance

On furrowed fevered restive thoughts

Conjure hawk-eyed strangers who

Smirk and squash the spring and sun.

The rivers meander further away

The cracking fields heave empty sighs

And whisper tales in unison .

The crumbling mornings,  days and nights

Fall on desolate desert land.

The curling shadows stretch and turn

The shifting sands blend nights with days

Rocks then crack in lifeless heat

The seeds are ready to germinate.

The Eyes

Laughter,  sunshine,  skies and depths

Quiver in the cupped up palms ,

Quiver in the wistful eyes

Staring down from above the mask.

The eyeballs catch the golden sun -

The slice of skies that blends in blue

Masks that melt to vaulting dreams

Beyond the blues of fever and death.

Dr. Piku Chowdhury : academician,  poet, editor,  author,  photographer, mental health facilitator. 

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