Saturday 12 February 2022

Three Poems by Paola Canale


Lunar reflections


Immaculate joint of diamonds,

nest of amplified and vitreous lights,

perfect conjunction of changing reflections,

naked queen of the night

you dance and spread your glimmer glare

dressing just a thread of black pearls,

in a provocative indecency,

hazardous and audacious,

that you like ripping off,

rebel and unpunished

for your tiny stars,

even knowing that the brightest one is not among them…

solemnity to profane

in hunt of company,

in a love to feed or to desecrate,

between lust and euphoria,

enchantment and magic,

in the sound of the night you elect the only possible way,

in its perfume the sweetest euthanasia.


     The voyage


Everything has an alpha and omega

Cycling over and over again

In an ever ending loop

That never stops.

I fly away

Leaving all behind me

Taking care not to leave traces in this golden sand

Feet of numb

To start another voyage,

To dream another dream,

To reconnect me to the other faces of reality.

Open your heart,

Lose yourself in the mystery of the night,

Unchain in pureness the power of your soul

Under the moonshine.

Slip in your unconsciousness.

Leaving to not return is not like going away.

Voyaging means never arriving

though you could never come back so far as from yourself.

The destiny of the voyager is sailing the unknown

     While the others stay still on the coast.


Fata Morgana


Fata Morgana

Visionary aesthetics

Rejoicing of beauty

Poetic celebration

Magnificent prodigy of nature

That comes to unite what’s inevitably divided

Spectacular optical effect

Distillate of soul

Miraculous reflection

Reproducing twinklings and blunders

Perceptive madness

Pictorial emotion of an inflamed portrait

The mystic and the supernatural

discards of a squared logic

Come out of the winter of collective minds

And of the lethargy of ruins

Uncontainable like an Arab Phoenix

Mirroring and blowing in the middle of the lands

Reaching out the surface of crystals of sand

Leaving mouths speechless in wonder.

Reggio admires you with watering eyes

Glances that embrace you

Within its dark eyelashes

Enjoying the fluctuation of lights and colours

Enchanting and austere

Haughty and sophisticated in Messina features,

Standing like an ivory statue in the sky

Messina cover up your wounds

You’ll never be alone…

Mother Nature is always by your side

She comes to rescue you

And fulfill your grieved desire

So icy and ardent.

One by one,

Reggio fans its feathers

In a galaxy of colours

Like a peacock in love

Always longing for touching you

From this extreme border of continent’s land

Separated by the insinuation of this narrow course of water

Our Mediterranean Strait

Lapping our coasts

In which you delight to reverberate your image.

Psychic space

Teacher of questions

That gets your soul closer to your skin,

Fata, you leave all astonished

Mirroring yourself in these light blue waters

Sounding of history and culture

Depository of wisdom, dreams and sense of freedom

Ecstatically freezing

The run-up of time

Joining in a single moment

The echo of ancestral memories,

the present and the projection into the future,

In a cosmogonic wait of destinies and metamorphosis

In the illusion of annulling any distance

Between you and your lover.

Tell ourselves the silence…

it keeps and narrates the voices of the sun,

the sounds of the earth,

The muscles of the hearth.

      It’s sonority, emotional communication.

from" Life's blooms.Illustrations in poetry...the silent side of beauty"

Paola Canale, born in Reggio Calabria, Italy, with an educational background in Political Science and International relations, has developed her own artistic skills in a path that’s led her to be involved and interested in Fashion, Graphic Design, Art in general and Entertainment. Author of blogs and books, such as "Kindergarters - Burlesque in Canada" and " Eternal feminine: an inspirational source of democracy – An insight on the Iroquois culture in Canada ", she's also a Journalist in International Affairs and Human Rights and her essays are mainly focused on Women and Indigenous studies, Canadian culture and tradition, Global Affairs and Human Rights.

Post Graduate degrees in International Relations and Human Rights (SIOI, ISPI, La Sapienza University, Italy)

AISC Member - Italian Association of Canadian Studies - Writer

ATI Member- Italian Association of Interpreters and Translators - English and French languages

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