Thursday 3 February 2022

One Wonderful Poem by Fiona Perry


Everyday Goddess


I caught her, poolside, in my peripheral vision

drawn by the golden cuffs rendering

her hair a tapestry. Emitter of intoxicating

Susinum; lily, myrrh, cinnamon. She moved

through my chest like a spear, closing the flesh

Reappeared, reclining on the sun lounger beside me. 

I cried out distant words, thinking myself possessed.

She placed a hand on my brow, showered

me with images of feluccas, jasmine flowers

pomegranates, to a cacophony of lutes.

Blood stilled, I wondered,

“Apparition or interior locution?” 

Now she is gliding down the aeroplane aisle

smiling approvingly at clouds and transient

shafts of light. In my house, she studies

clock faces, sings solemn songs at sunset

kneels before running water from the tap.

Under her tutelage, I learn the symbol

for all good things, and grow to know

she brings the boatless to land. She stretches

her wings over my bed at night. I sleep

as if composed of shifting desert sands.

By Fiona Perry


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