Sunday 27 February 2022

Three Poems by Stephen A. Rozwenc


                       Poem # 1 untitled


just inside

this Thai island reef insight

the ocean surface is a lavender pink

fluid brain

inside which squirming turquoise delight

and circadian rhythm half light

willingly accept the privately exchanged language

of tint and intimacy


sunrise spoon billed

to roseate genesis

beyond any word proverb




                       Poem # 2 untitled


things to do in Bangkok today




greet every query

with lotus blossom optimism


perform the swaying elephant dance

for the dead


the one

that stops weapons manufacturers

from starving more children

Poem # 3 untitled


I am sure you will be thrilled to hear

this Delta Airlines Boeing 777 jet flight

the mythical bird I wish could transform ashes

into food that feeds all sentient beings

soars towards Bangkok

where it will deliver me

like the thready ping

of a Buddhist prayer bell

to the 8 petaled heart

of brightness


you’ll also be pleased to know

I've rediscovered

just enough of my innocence

to relinquish

a hideous ego

that bought and sold

more and more

to smugly train itself

to care less and less


now after flying to the opposite side

of the world

to where that wound called love

is the place the all-seeing third eye

enters your body

my psyche yearns

                          to fuse

Thai and American minds

and hearts

in the filigree astral light

of an intimate compassion

for all living beings

that has never before existed

Stephen A. Rozwenc is a widely published expat poet, who currently resides in Thailand. He has published seven collections of poetry. His published book collections are: The Fourth Turning, Grass Hill, Ekphrastic Nightingales, New England Fortune Cookies, Death Is Birth, Russia, Translations of Famous Russian Poets, and Thai Diary. 

More than two hundred of his poems and translations have appeared individually in numerous poetry publications including: The Mailer Review, Buddhist Poetry Review, Blue Lake Review, Dm Du Jour, Equinox, Eunoia Review, Glass Poetry, Naugatuck River Review, New Pattaya Review, Philadelphia Poets, Poets Against War, Plum Tree Tavern, Lothlorien Poetry Journal and Wordpeace. His poetry and translations have been published internationally in Europe and Asia. He has been a past recipient of two Williamsburg Massachusetts Arts Council Grants for poetry.

Two of his poems have been selected for inclusion in the Lothlorien Poetry Journal anthology of best poems of 2021.


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