Friday 25 February 2022

Sonnet Poem by Jade Nicole Beals

A Sonnet Flowing Upon A Lake


in honour of Edna St. Vincent Millay


Let thee sail martingale; these reins have sprung!

Listen to the steps of cuff-less strolling.

Arms full of papers, never dropping one—

Blot out the name they stole from you ‘foundling.’


No thief could slip you out of my locket.

How the world once stood neatly starched in place.

Stitched onto their flannel, Queen Anne’s pocket—

We wove our hands playfully with the lace.


Lace blinds closing, paper lantern streamers—

Our footsteps stroll quietly as tapped keys;

Queen Anne’s lace, the lake’s simple face gleamers:

We unfasten lost knolls of untouched seas.


We lean in. We might swim. Don’t need my guess:

Water’s fresh. Won’t swallow us—Delicious!

Jade Nicole Beals is a writer and painter living in Massachusetts. She earned her degree in English Literature and philosophy from Brooklyn College and was an editor and contributor to the college's literary magazine. Jade has written two poetry collections in print, and her work has also appeared in The Meridian Anthology Vol. III, Four and Twenty, A Blackbird Sings, and is forthcoming in Indelible. She writes the blog, Blush of Dawn at

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