Wednesday 2 February 2022

One Poem by Debbie Robson




And what is landscape? In this instance fir trees

sloping to the lake. A tiny isle, a no man’s land

surrounded by water. Shall I swim out to it

and be lifted up? But to what? A passage

in the clouds through which I’ll float off.


Such as we glean unwittingly from the

familiar - a glimmer of alternatives: another

life from a different decision made twenty

years ago. Friends we no longer see, houses

we have never inhabited, landscapes we have

yet to visit but call and call and gleam


sometimes. It is a bright light we catch on

clear autumn days. A child that looks like

a grandmother, a stretch of beach that beckons

for no apparent reason and a town that

reminds us of roads not taken and now lost.

Debbie Robson is the author of Tomaree, an historical novel set in Port Stephens and Crossing Paths: the BookCrossing novel inspired by

She has recently returned to short story writing (many about an angel who drives a cab in Sydney) and a novella.  

Debbie also writes poetry and has performed some of her poems in Sydney, the Blue Mountains and Newcastle. She has had stories published in The Write Launch, Words and Whispers, Provenance Journal, Vestal Review and others and poetry in Dodging the Rain, Sunspot Lit Mag, Blood Tree Literature, Dwelling Literary, Wine Cellar Press and more.


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