Sunday 27 February 2022

One Poem by Jim Lewis (j. lewis)


how to seduce a poet


if the poet is male—

show up wearing nothing

except a dust cover

slick and colourful

let it drop to the floor


flutter a page or two

as though eyelashes

were kissing his fingertips


exhale the scent

of printer's ink

and leather binding

intoxicate him

but not too much

or too soon


once you have his attention

(and trust me, you do)

invite him to open the cover

run his hand down

the title page


and done - he is yours

completely. he will

be awake all night


if the poet is female—

try showing up in softback

nothing to prove

no explanations

turn so she can read

the rear jacket testimonials

see what makes you

worth perusing

worth pursuing


quote, if you will

an intimate poem

pull something from millay

hinting that you'll remember

every kiss, even if edna

did not, that you know

nothing of forgetting

midnight cries


lay her hand gently

on the abstract cover

art that speaks

of mystery

of possibility


draw her in with

the first verse

unassuming, unafraid

be vulnerable, be brave

knowing that her eyes

will open wide

at the words tattooed

along your spine


slip her a folded note

that says 'i left a review...'

her resistance is gone


for either—

recite the final verse

of your latest poem

without explanation


without apology

for what came before


leave what comes after

to imagination

Jim Lewis (Pen name: j.lewis) is an internationally published poet, musician, nurse practitioner, and Editor of Verse-Virtual, an online journal and community. When he is not otherwise occupied, he is often on a kayak, exploring and photographing the waterways near his home in California. He has three full length collections and several chapbooks to his credit.


“a clear day in october” (poems and photos) is available directly from me.

“do you hear it?” (second collection of poetry) is available on Amazon.

“leave a light on” (third collection of poetry) is available on Amazon

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