Tuesday 8 February 2022

One Poem by Doris Wei Tan


Two Paths

Two paths lay before me

Which one do I take?

Both laden with curves and turns

Both laden with pebbles and mud.


Do I have to choose one?

Or can I put one foot on one

And one foot on the other?

Perhaps I can walk down one now,

And come back to the other.


One promises passion and dreams

But it’s treacherous and mysterious

It may be overgrown with weeds by now

Am I too late?


I have seen the other path before

Three steps I have walked on it

But fear stopped me

And I have wondered off 


Two paths lay before me

Which one has the rainbow at the end?

Maybe both have rainbows

Maybe it’s the journey that will enchant me.

Doris Wei Tan - I love anything that is artistic and creative. For me, writing my poems is a way to express myself and my feelings. And sometimes, the process of writing my poems will just lift my spirits and make me feel better. I enjoy acting, playing my saxophone, listening to music and nature. I also have a very adorable black cat. I like to keep fit and healthy, working out at the gym, swimming, reading, watching movies, ice skating, snorkeling and kayaking. 


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