Monday 14 February 2022

Haiku & Other Poems by Richa Sharma


Gulmohar bloom
from my window
mother's new worry

i pass a graveyard
cleaner than my house
but at both places
remains the same

this monotone morning
a flowering branch
in my balcony
a part of some tree
but how it makes my mind whole

this phase of life
like a grainy forest path
under moonlight
how easy for others to say
'everything will be fine'

the old outhouse
in our backyard
after reading a fairy tale
i wonder if i should open
the rusty door

reunion . . .
as our teas
grow cold
undoing all pretensions
of a life well lived

i tread
the road
fallen flowers
like to rest

my reverie breaks
into a wave

the moon and i
on the same wavelength

starry night
i stop thinking
the way he wants me to


Richa Sharma resides near New Delhi, India. She loves to read and write poetry. She is a nature lover, an avid sky watcher, and a dreamer. Her work has appeared in numerous international haiku journals since 2019.

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  1. Congratulations!
    It was a great pleasure for me to read these wonderful poems. Thank you!


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