Thursday 17 February 2022

Four Poems by Madhu Gangopadhyay



Suffocated ashtray!

Nicotine smoke. War fumes!

The crumpled sheet

Screamed of love's defeat!

Red lipstick on the rim

The glass of sangria rolling on,

The plate of tapas!

Blank gaze!

Barcelona, summer night sky,

A glittering garden of stars

Peeped through the windowpane.

Beats of Flamenco floated from afar!

The dazzling diamond ring

Stared from the remains of

A debilitated evening!

He turned on the television,

The clamorous news!

The warm sultry breeze


Through the cracks in the door.

Did it smell of her?

He sat on the sofa,

Legs stretched,

Surfing channels.

Camus' Sisyphus!


Fatigue made a nest

Between the brows.

Lachrymose eyes,

Heavy head!

Whirlpool of emotions,

Opened floodgates.

Voices debated,

Tsunami of echoes,

The heart crumbled!

Two perfectly aligned souls.

Two hearts that never did revolt!

Invariably, unfailingly on the same page,


Captive, caged!

Impeccable perfection!

Succumbed to inertia!



Love, lust, avarice

Primordial omnishambles;

Eternally haunt the sphere!

Only to prove the profundity

Of chaos and misery, they can unleash!

Cleaving the very core of existence!

The wisest have succumbed inadvertently,

That is precisely the history of mankind!




The torrent subsided

Raindrops still rattled

The moon struggled to free itself

From the clenched fists of

The ominous clouds

The Stars fled in fear

Of Jove's wrath

The occasional flash of eerie light

The owl on the tree screeched

The novel on the pillow beside

The emptiness of the bed

Some arcane desires

Halcyon; stark reminder

Of youthful delusions

Defeated desires!

Did Juno's peacock scream?

Madhu Gangopadhyay hails from India. Her passion for writing began when she was in school. She loves to pen down her musings at random moments. She is fiercely passionate about poetry and short stories, and her penchant for mythology can be seen in her works. She conveniently explores all the genres of poetry writing and has written on a plethora of topics. She has a Master of English Literature degree from Calcutta University and a Bachelor’s degree in Education. She has been in the education industry for two decades now. She has also been a content developer and has designed academic course books for senior school students and colleges. A soft skills trainer, motivational speaker, and an avid social worker: she is also an exponent of Indian classical dance forms. Currently she is pursuing MA in Psychology. She writes under the pen name #madmusings.


  1. Collage of images and imaginations.

  2. Strong metaphors and beautiful imagery weave an excellent tapestry. Keep versing. Look forward to read more and more 👍

  3. Excellent work Madhu...what expressions,what an amazing vocabulary,and how vast n vivid range of thoughts ...i felt as if I was watching a movie scene..more strength to you

  4. Pinnacle of abstractism in poem..Wonderful,amazing vocabulary..

  5. As I keep reading your work, it amazes me how simple you keep it but how craftily you move across an entire spectrum of topics with such ease and passionate writing. All the best Madhu. Keep shining.


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