Monday 7 February 2022

Two Poems by Angel Edwards


All in your Mind


 In this attic







     they hide




 In this attic







     with the past




   In this attic



Beauty problems


The problem with people who are beautiful considered beautiful

they use that standard

to measure every human being


We all know

"beauty is

in the eye of the beholder"

the perception of the perceiver

entirely an opinion


often misleading as


the character of an individual

because someone is good looking does not mean

that they are

good acting

good hearted or

good anything

other than good luck

being born with the preferred look of the moment

appeasing to the eyes of the viewers gaze.


Standards of beauty change throughout the history of the world 

what once was considered unattractive and undesirable an appearance

is later on deemed the most desired look.


Cast an eye to history

tell me

which of these acclaimed BEAUTYS which you may have googled

do you think would meet your standards of beauty

the unreachable standards of modern day beauty with all the enhancements created


totally artificial presence

false representation of ourselves

which does not meet reality or real life

The myth of beauty

the lion beauty

anyone who is loved becomes beautiful

It is magic

Angel Edwards is a singer songwriter guitarist published writer published poet with 4 books from Vancouver BC Canada

member of AFM local 145





























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