Wednesday 21 June 2023

Two Poems by Kadambari Kaul




Was love then

Only an illusion

Or was it not?

A fire that raged while it lasted

Extinguished by Time,

But those glowing embers

Oh! They still burned

Through those dark, desolate nights

Of a winter long gone.




Time ceased to matter

Neither spring nor summer

Brought hope of sunnier days ahead,

Neither winter nor autumn

The comfort and warmth

Of those old family reunions

Around the hearth,

She mourned silently

Those whom she had loved and lost

Each to his/her own fate and Time,

As from her window

She watched the mighty river flow

Broad and strong

Singing its eternal song of life

Through the seasons,

And inspired

She plunged headlong

Into the stormy river of life

Joyously singing

Her song of life's endlessly tortuous journey

Towards Eternity.

Kadambari Kaul  - Kadambari is a poet and author of books on Indian philosophy namely Brihadaaranyaka Upanishad, Dhammapada and Gautama Buddha - A Noble Life'. Writing poetry is an integral part of Kadambari's spiritual journey. Her poems have been featured in various anthologies notably her poem ' Peace' that was included in the Literary Paritantra ( Systems)- An International Journal on Literature and Theory published by the Dayalbagh Educational Institute in 2010 . Peace was republished by Red Penguin Books , New York in 2022 in their Anthology entitled ' Where Flowers Bloom - Poems and Essays of Strength, Hope and Resilience.'

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