Wednesday 21 June 2023

Five Poems by Mark Young


Returning from foreign war zones


I may be missing an important dia-

gnosis or grasping at straws here

but the anxiety level provoked by

a huge local land deal has revealed

not only a standardized way to

manipulate the browser, but images

of well-painted & horribly fright-

ening beasts have also been found.

A double cypher


The operation is a calligram. It

is a mark of ill-breeding to use

French phrases or words unless

they're resting on a floor made safe

& visible by its own coarseness.


All this litter on the ground—

ask for an explanation. The

calligram has a triple role.

The vague uneasiness pro-

voked is a Cuban gentleman.


Severely censure the habit of

using sentences which admit

of a double meaning. We have

evidence of failure & its ironic

remains. Augment the alphabet.


Splintered wood, fragmented

shapes. Many men can converse

on no other subject than their

every day employment. Words

can no longer be reconstituted.




This Is Not a Pipe, by Michel Foucault

The Ladies' Book of Etiquette (1860), by Florence Hartley


Installing the new wi-fi extender


Start the new year right — remove

any redundancy from your sent-

ences. Then move away from web-

based video channels that thrive on


a huge amount of laughable material

concerning cats & FAILS. Speak at

great length on the college hockey

team.  Choose meaningful words &


be specific with your content. Give

listeners a Δ-regular graph G with n

vertices, & then segue into the most

recent version of the periodic table.


Doubles Entendre


Delirious. Maybe malaria,

perhaps too much cross-

referencing of Vladamir

Putin tapes to see which

ones the body doubles

appear in. Watching the

ease with which they switch

from one double to another,


& how difficult it is to identify

where the crossover lines are,

makes me realize how rarely

we take the time to allow our-

selves the luxury of quality

time with our other selves.




If you took small

things out of

context, could

probably assemble

a tolerable landscape. Talis-

men in your tote bag — the

post office clock

tower, customs house

cupola, some birds, a

measure of hills. Arrange

them where/when

ever you might come

to rest, lean back,

contented or at least

a semblance of. Lasts

for a minute. What




Mark Young's new book, with the slow-paced turtle replaced by a fast fish, was published by sandy press at the beginning of May. It is available through Amazon.

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