Friday 23 June 2023

Four Poems by Keith Snow


Semi Unconscious Stream


My veins, pulsing

from electric freedom


a diabolical twist

tied in two, by two


like Noah's ark

angel of mourning


the dead, good grief, bad karma

chameleons are really anoles.


I've been told, happily ever after

is the most meagre of endings...



If Poems Were Promoted like Movies


Welcome to my YouTube channel Pieces and Poems. If you like this update please subscribe. The latest book, from Famous Poet is due out in late summer, early fall or just before the winter holidays. We are expecting a trailer by Fourth of July for his latest book, the third in the series. After the first book, Poems and it's slightly more sardonic follow up, More Poems we can't confirm but we believe the newest book might be called Even More Poems. The publishers are again $ell Book$. We do finally have a teaser just released at Pompous Book Convention. "Scintillating like eclectic strawberries" 

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Lost City Found Behind Big Lot

Township to Meet on Zoning Rights


New neighbours at twenty four seventeen,

Have a boy, a girl and a crying machine.

Friendly folks, ask how we have been?

Or mention, did you hear about the snow?

But they never have invited us in.


Please park your car in my mirage.

All my dreams, are stored in the garage,

protected from acts of sabotage.

To navigate the suburban jungle,

My Uber driver, George, wears camouflage.


George delayed by an oasis speed trap.

Even fooled Uber’s GPS app.

He couldn't convince the cop to let him pass

Now he’ll dress like everyone else, perhaps.

Going to shop at Kohl’s, Target and the Gap


Maybe that plan isn't super wise?

But better than glasses as a disguise. 

In the living room, my alter ego died

Though, it wasn't a total surprise.

My mind was the only thing he exercised.



I exit my Uber

dragging my baggage

literally and figuratively

into this haven

I am awash

with clarity

my mind clutter less

the voices of oppression

transgression, depression,

aggression, digression fade,

I fill glass cylinders

leave an offering

I am awash

with peace and odour

of bleach 

I'm not alone

a lady in corner

hands folded 

waiting for answers

I have time

to play games on phone 

and to ponder my words

and soon enough I gather

everything into another Uber

I am awash with hope and a new courage.

Keith Snow has hosted/currated a poetry reading, and been a poetry editor. He has been published most recently in Dadakuku, Lothlorien Poetry Journal and Five Fleas. He continues to write, perform and submit to poetry mags while finding all of his voices.

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