Monday 5 June 2023

Five Poems by Vernon Frazer


Doubled Back



grim despite old rant


acolyte viragos

will a precision glutton

for decade drill


aggression slowly pencilled


a handbrake away

to thrill confused tenements

down the parkland


the predilections born of division


emerge scored

synching encased the mineral 

its bent intoning


outplayed the vendor’s release


disposal revenue

boiled its memorial hacksaws

after cheer school


old rant grim respite





Game Patriots



jeering bugbear vignette backers

slowed the scoreboard snatching

brushfire property unquestioned

their visceral vistas blanketing

rudder faxes or furrow mirages 

compassion rhapsodies follow

diameters dispensing incarnation

thrillers specific unspent dollars

plot their mongoose fabrics bent

to phylum barnacle distancing

the new subterranean occlusion

left a potted noumena module 

torrent thrills misplaced rancour

the voice patterns facile or cringe 

loosen the overtasked victory tint

or a lugubrious hint of roving granite

shakes the finite space invention

a corny incarnation grasped to split

treasury mirage a fabric of tactics 

no regurgitant victory nugatory

pitch clings to the filament skies

appliance euphoria departures

the classic feeders illustrated

fish glucose and batter circle

the varnish scattering shale fonts

as the weather chance vanished

plectrum rockets spring from air 

unkeel white ceiling vestibules

increase as hook dollar praxis

bottle the tamper concession

hoard numeric cedar remnants

serve the unmatched bottle

no vested schemata left complicit





Drunk on Promise 



tincture as beverage 

tips the stentorian strata quake

the confidants cling


wherever juncture bevels

the loudest subterranean roil

when reflecting thickens


intent lighting torn ahead

circles the last classic worked

for ant calls or stalkers


clingers best the sure 

servants of the variety moguls

though still intent


their plasma shaded 

appliance washer extravaganza

lava slang intact


the makers unkeeled 

murmur fixtures for resounding

leftward emblems


seat distention unveiled

its flashy load shattered young

its ruins a sample breath




Living Down the Good Life



low repentance, savoury present 

the medieval memoir distended

the tired dimension expressing 

nominal fury derailed on location


the storied disrepair maintained

the foundering invective shortage


sulphur helped patio garlands 

outpose underdone glimmers

kleptocratic commotion heartfelt

but errata touched lash weight


interiors softening fence fodder 

concealed its romantic doggerel


a surprise up the patio armchair

blockaded the paradigm frontons

rephrasing all stolen impatience

to paraphrase low impediments


tornado subtitles breaking last

shame their empty temptation





Vacation Refuge on Vacation



new to detrimental upset

the seascape family creates 

thoughtful shock replication


their vacant elision vengeance 

squeals faded enzyme vantage

gropes worn lottery candelabra 


mongoose roasting on asphalt

as plumage veins protruding

drive out a mud-encased mirth


radar mud derision lowered

for the boathouse phone-in

darkening, season closed


her laminated dress and sciatica

snatched the bearded homilies

first becoming the edginess of eyes


from a daydream in granite 

disputes bartered nob sherbet

film launch becomes a thought


and a digital cameo scathe





Vernon Frazer has written more than thirty books of poetry, three novels and a short story collection. His poetry, fiction and nonfiction have appeared in Aught, Big Bridge, First Intensity, Jack Magazine, Lost and Found Times, Moria, Miami SunPost, Muse Apprentice Guild, Sidereality, Xstream and many other literary magazines. 

He introduced IMPROVISATIONS at The Poetry Project at St. Mark's Church in Manhattan.

Working in multi-media, Frazer has performed his poetry with the late saxophonist Thomas Chapin, the Vernon Frazer Poetry Band and as a solo poet-bassist. His jazz poetry recordings and multimedia work are available on Youtube.

Frazer resides in central Connecticut. He is widowed.

Vernon Frazer's most recent poetry collection is Memo from Alamut, a C22 publication.


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