Monday 19 June 2023

Five Poems by petro c. k.


Nitrogenase Ecclesiastes 


Atmospheric             nitrogen 


                        by the waves of the horizon

molecular revelations for Athanasius 

                        but nonreactive herbs 

              repeat history 

the sun fell in place           pulsating 

for the rest of the night 


              Broken monks and gnostics

driving back half sacred 

                      prayers metabolically useless 

                                  for the growth of trees 

Traffic of protein complexities are the

depths of rippling darkness         resolute 

                              a cancer to all but a 

              few microorganisms.


Reaching for the void, checking tethers for

              the unseen             vision 

                         microbially mediated 

a biosynthethic incantation of all the time         

disfigured and lost,         last place gets

                                              no diazotrophy.



Hey Day Huggers


A lookout bed 

higher than you 


iceberg hurts 

to be rekindled 


Hears night out

buddy gets by


But it would be helicopters

added to the sea 



Jethro Mothra


Redeye because of the birds 

high outside my house 

with the moss of all 

that's been forgotten 

Hugely super 

heck gruelling or something 

Hurry the tuberculosis pipe

My jugular is alone 

looking for my better life 



Logarithm Begin the Juju


Hygrometered, I put in



I kiss the etched liturgies 

integrating the 

           mighty minibus 




         in coattails

bayou delivery regretted 

         the dewdrop 

             physical therapy 

for the gut-punch 



Urticaria Jr. 





a wickerlifted 





A hot debate about

why you should get the right 

            shade of the street



petro c. k. is a temporal being who seeks the small moments, the momentus moments, and the weird moments, and channels them through writing, photos, and art. He is the founding editor of dadakuku ( The poems presented here have been partly created with the use of predictive text.

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