Sunday 18 June 2023

Five Photo-Poems and One Haibun/Flash Fiction by Lavana Kray


Five Photo-Poems

Haibun/Flash Fiction 



I knock on our house door, but it's not my mother who opens. Seeing my doubt in front of the door, the wind smacks it against the wall. Something that looks like a being, a steamy silhouette wearing a long flowery printed dress swirls around, engulfs me, while its imprints fly all over the room. What a fresh, plum blossom scent! Suddenly, the wind calms down, the clouds wash out, and the ghost is gone, but all these white petals left on the floor are a sign that I'm not the only one coming home now and then...

honeycomb –

a butterfly alights

on the sweet knife 

Lavana Kray is from Romania. Over the years, she has won various prizes in haiku and tanka competitions. The World Haiku Association awarded her the title of Master Haiga Artist. Her work has appeared in many print and online publications, as well as in Haiga Exhibitions organized by the World Haiku Association in Japan and Italy. She currently serves as editor of Haiga at Cattails (UHTS).

She has published three photo-haiku books and one tankart collection.

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