Friday 9 June 2023

Two Poems by Myrtle Thomas


Catching Fireflies until Twilight


the night comes deep and longing

and in the darkness the moon detangles itself

whispering past the stars    and your eyes open

here in this solitude, I hear you in my heart.


once it was like shattering glass windows

or like soft steam rising toward me

once I was but a shadow in the darkness

a wave of dust in the wind , a wisping secret.


can you feel the fire in the universe of my eyes?

how long I lingered in the wilderness of my soul

carrying the yearning spirit in my hand    releasing the dove

and on the wings of night, you came to me like a song.


in love I became a shining star  a candle in the twilight

carrying stars and moonlight in my eyes

the fire of passion and the hot coals that linger and smoulder

you are the soft wind that stirs my fire    I dance in the flames.


O' these times when I think of an empty sky!  a night without a moon

or a heaven without wind          nights without a dream

what is left after a fire but ash cooling on a rough horizon

maybe only the memory of fire in the night sky dancing with stars



Soul Searching

       eyes that open in the morning light

never feel the same as yesterday

never can recall the look of last night's stars

        nor can lips recall the first kiss left in a shadow

O' light that falls into the darkness

like the silence of a rose opening in the sunlight.


moonstruck I once was standing exposed and naked

  my breath but a shallow whisper exhaled and forgotten

my face disappearing like twilight and the scent of wine

  and the stars covered me in secret shades of silver

as I held the lantern of the sky in my hands for an hour

their delicate dust can't be recalled nor mishandled.


how was the night so quickly divided by reality?

  when once my dreams wept and spilled on my pillow

like that long ago kiss that left my memory and stained me!

and tattered my youthful clothing like a rag hung on a tree

the wind of time rages un-mercifully on body and memory

  until the soul steals away in its own shadow!


thoughts race and fumble in the darkness so quietly

  and no one can tell of the blindness that weeps within

where has my mind gone in the numbness of my body?

  or the self I once knew in my youthful hours of daylight!

my fingerprints evaporate in the time of trial and error

while only I can see my spirit disappear between dusk and dawn.

Myrtle Thomas has been writing poetry for many years on the internet and has self published four poetry books. She has been included in two publications “ Otherwise Engaged Literature and Art Journal “ and in The Writers and Readers Magazine. She writes contemporary poetry on the topics of love , loss and nature. Myrtle is retired from a large hospital manufacturing company which gives her more time to follow her dream of poetry. Myrtle lives in the USA and is a wife , mother and grandmother.


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  1. Thank you for the terrific poetry Myrtle Thomas. There is much sensitivity in it. I like the way you don't shy away from "poetic" words and natural objects, moon , stars. These things are a poet's bread and butter in my view. I know there is much said or felt between the lines also. Really good writing. Thank you again


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