Friday 16 June 2023

Six Haiku Poems by Maria Teresa Sisti



awareness -
stunned by morphine
my father embraces me

acacia thorns -
two mandarin ducks
inside the den

broken rice bowl -
I never stopped
to be a daughter

winter solstice–
my shadow is shortened
in the long night

muddy shoes --
a butterfly is lost
in the wind

cold shiver -
the wickedness of your silence
full of thorns

Maria Teresa Sisti - Born and raised in Belgium until the age of twelve when she moved permanently to Italy for family and study reasons.

She began to read and study haiku in 2014, deciding to write her own with the help of everything that her gaze, touch and smell can capture from nature, life and everyday life that surround her.

She has participated in literary competitions obtaining important awards.

Her poems have been published online and in printed magazines in Italy and around the world.

She was listed in the European Top 100 haiku authors and at 2021 she published her first haiku collection "Piccoli semi di arancio" ( Little orange seeds ) printed in Italy on behalf of Accademia Barbanera.

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