Wednesday 21 June 2023

Something Seemingly Not Even a Road - Flash Fiction by Jim Meirose


Something Seemingly Not Even a Road 

Flash Fiction

by Jim Meirose


They came to the road, which was so freshly paved as to reek of hot asphalt, and was so black and new it fairly glistened in the sunlight. They stood a while hesitating, as it seemed it’d be a shame = to walk over something so pure and virginal as to even seem like something not really a road = something different a piece of art somehow not to be touched let alone roughly walked over  = standing by the fresh road it felt like it felt when standing face to face with that smooth granite statue somehow = wanting so to touch it and stroke it = but = knowing that nearby there’s a guard lurking in = blue = or in = black = like these regularly wear they know = hold it there please do not touch the exhibits do no no do not do not touch the exhibits = how mortifying = how embarrassing everyone there’s so many everybodies all around here and they are now watching and judging = watching and judging = aw just one touch to the edge of the brand new road heck = hold it there {louder} please do not touch the exhibits but please do not no = condemn me here like this = look at them looking = you are the good and I ==== am the bad why what why is it wrong to touch the exhibits eh = it is wrong it is wr’ = would the artist who slaved over carving this out for weeks and months and maybe even years say = do not ever touch this = ever ever ever = no one can ever no never would they say that = I do not know I just know don’t touch the exhibits = why do you say it if you don’t know? Is that not an insult cheapening the sweat of the brow of the artist who made this = it is not mine to know I am paid to say what I say don’t you think don’t you know = don’t you get paid to do something also = don’t you need money to keep on going = keeping on going has nothing to do with money = yes it does yes yes yes = no it does not God made life God keeps life going not money = maybe then God is money because in my neck of the woods you don’t eat you don’t live = oh yah yes oh yah have you tried to stop eating = no why on Earth would I want to stop eating = to see if in time you then die you said eating is needed to live eh eh huh = no I did not say that = yes you did = no I didn’t = yes you did = no we were talking about money and not about eating = yah but you were saying it like money and eating are exactly the same = no I would not say that because it is wrong I I said I did sa’ = hold it no here it is does the Earth not spin with no need for money = sure sure sure but that’s not the same thing = yes it is does the sun not shine with no need for money = sure but that’s not = that’s no that’s no that’s no God you are so boring does this road not lie here with no need for money = well, yes it does = so it is? = no it’s not I didn’t but just make sure you don’t touch the exhibits or else I’ll = do what = I’ll do = do this = and they stepped out onto the black = no do not = and the hand went out and down the beautiful sculpture’s cheek = so cold = road so hot = please do not = all came into balance and though the road seemed excessively wide for a road looking like it saw absolutely no traffic but still or no still = seemed quite busy there anyway look at it look it will be someday be busy will it not = I mean who’d spend the money for such a widely fine road that’d never be used = it will be used look = after we’re gone it will be used = gok = how does it feel to be able to look into your very own future Gimi? = look at me Gimi look at me look at me Gimi = this is how you’ll be up at the end Gimi = just like me Gimi = just like me just like and = having successfully traversed the road, they turned left and proceeded straight on to their destinations.

Jim Meirose's short fiction has appeared in leading journals. His novels include "Sunday Dinner with Father Dwyer"(Optional Books), "Understanding Franklin Thompson"(JEF), "Le Overgivers au Club de la Résurrection"(Mannequin Haus), "No and Maybe - Maybe and No"(Pski's Porch), and "Audio Bookies" (LJMcD Communications) coming in 2024. Gen'l info: @jwmeirose

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