Friday 23 June 2023

Two Poems by Inam Hussain Begg Mullick


Love. Cosmic.



in a cosmic winter,



and seashell pleasure moans,

the gesture of starlight

within your nutshell black thick eyelashes.


Late in the

night Paganini vivace,

we are acolytes of warmth,

your fragrance

is lunar summer.

The skyphos shimmers and flows with sweet wildness.


Large grape sweetness,

I preserve

the X-ray

of your jazz heart.

You are my counterpart

at this hour

of anchored boats.


Ishmael's archery

reveals an El Dorado,

we walk

on water,

with pearl feet,

we walk

on wine,

your name has the music of dove-like piano notes,

you are mine and there are Indian flowers

in your hair;

God is love.


I light

my Benson & Hedges,

your sitar strings


and alight

from moon horses,

you reside in my nostrils.




Inamorato Takes a Walk


 A dark bird

gainsays the storm's


our zinced love

is warm;

the fish magnify summer.



Your body to mine,

the magpie flies.




The sky is rubbed by fire,

we observe

the blood dancer's gyr

and saunter along dream roads of rock rose and ursine cloud song.


I pluck a dream

from the midnight tree.




The wind's opera is a lunar saponification,

the crooner's horse has a moonlight saddle.


sing in white,

sashay across

scarified skin, I remember jinns bowing to Allah on celestial hills.


Inam Hussain Begg Mullick is an award-winning Kolkatan polymath. His most recent book of poems is The Magical Life of Inamorato (Writers Workshop). He is the Director-Founder-Editor, The Kolkata Arts. Inam teaches Creative Writing.

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  1. Enjoyable.Stylized pronography with no Bengali Lotus touch.New look at time honoured anatomy is a plus but Benson &Hedges takes me back to old movie screen.


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