Monday 5 June 2023

Three Poems by Amanda Niamh Dawson


Soul’s Flight


Take flight

In the light

Fly ‘til night


We’ll be 

Watching for you

When you land


In a stand

Of fairy beings

The all-seeing

Carbon columns

To keep you safe

Tucked in tight



Nature’s Art


Divine design

Hill in winter

Sublime sunshine

Voices whisper

Loves lost here

Creatures scamper

Bounty is dear

Heal your fear

Drawing near

The time of sight

Truest night



History Holds


Deities alight

Into a night

Shimmering bright


Lit from within

Iridescent limbs


Brimming sighs

Creatures so wise


Centuries do hold

The genius of old



Amanda Niamh Dawson was born in London to Irish and South African parents. She grew up outside of Boston. She received her B.A. in Art History and French from Tufts University. Amanda worked in New York at Sotheby’s in both Books and Manuscripts and Old Master Paintings, and then became an Associate Style Editor at House Beautiful Magazine/Hearst Publishing.  Amanda has remained active in antiques as a dealer/consultant as well as a stylist. She has work published in The Avocet. She lives with her family in a rural hamlet of Sonoma County, California.










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