Thursday 29 June 2023

One Poem by Mark Hendrickson





Pardon me

Excuse me

After you


I didn’t mean to

No, it was my fault, really

I’m just a bit accident prone

I wasn’t looking where I was going


Oh, I didn’t say anything

Don’t mind me

I can’t say

I wouldn’t know


You go, I’ll be fine

I’ll just wait here

I’m fine, really

Can’t complain


It’s nothing

It’ll wait

It’s not important

We’ll talk about it later


Never mind

Forget about it

I’m sure it’ll be alright

It doesn’t matter


None of my business

I couldn’t possibly

I don’t want to know

Well, I’ll  be”

Mark Hendrickson is an emerging poet who recently relocated to the Des Moines area.  His work has appeared  or is forthcoming in Synkroniciti, Lothlorien Poetry Journal, Honeyguide, and Swing. Before becoming a poet, Mark worked for many years as a mental health technician in a locked psychiatric unit.  He has advanced degrees in Music, Health Information Management, and Marriage & Family Therapy.

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