Tuesday 27 June 2023

Two Poems by Angel Edwards


Take Time


overtake time


through the lens of love

time evaporates


childhood sweethearts

stay in sync



to conquer time


eye of memory

time appropriates



lock the link

At War



She could hear the planes coming closer and closer

She raced to keep ahead of the sound

Ear splitting debilitating

she spied a tree enclosure


hurling herself to the ground

at the same time the world seemed to open up in front of her

She saw a gaping hole where the Earth ended

The sky disappeared

smoke obscured her sight

she vomited


Closed her eyes

fell asleep

The rain


Now she is


the bridge to home

is gone

her knapsack

she thought with relief

was safe

an unopened bottle of water

a plastic bag filled with an assortment of nuts

she retrieves her umbrella

grabs her warm parka

cannabis stash is safe inside the pockets

She lights up a joint

tears stream down her face


she does a mental inventory

She has $5000 in hundreds and 20s

A plane ticket to another country ?

her country is destroyed

What good will money do

Angel Edwards is a singer songwriter guitarist published writer published poet with 4 books from Vancouver BC Canada. Member of AFM local 145. BMI SOCAN




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  1. Beautiful poems Angel. Lovely work. Always evocative if real life


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