Saturday 3 June 2023

Two Poems by Henry Wolstat


A Beam of Light


Bright sun outside

my window,

leaving tomorrow

to visit my ailing

brother in my hometown.


Reading a novel

set In the Holocaust

where Jewish musicians

attempt to escape

deportation and

certain death.

All they have is

their music that

brings light into

their dark world.


I hope to shine

a small beam of

light into his life.


Returning Home


Every time I return

to the city of my birth

all is familiar,

the same streets,

despite new construction,

the same conversations

with family and friends,

the same emotional

highs and lows,

the same psychological

traps I fall into,

and each time

I’m aware of

why I left home;

a lesson relearned

as I approach

my ninetieth year

Henry Wolstat is a retired psychiatrist in his late 80’s living in the greater Boston area with his wife.  He is the author of a poetry book, “Driftwood”.  He has also been published in both printed anthologies and online.  He is passionate about running, the arts, and poetry.

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