Tuesday 6 June 2023

Twelve Haiku Poems by Julie Ann Thomason


Haiku The day



New day genesis

Luminescent mist shrouds

horizon hints light



Weak winter sun

Painted pallid blush

painted whispering sky



space before noon

optimism opportunities

Hours to love work play



Picnic in park

Butterflies bees dance

Vibrant panoply of petals



Lovers hands slip together

End of day fascination

seduction melting mystery


Golden hour

gloaming glints dips

hued hills striped sky slithers

magic moment manifests

Haiku The Night


Blue Hour

Licking shadows

Periwinkle whispers

Last lingering light



final fluttering rays

daydreams dim

crepuscular chimera



Burnished butter gently

Slips highlighting horizon

Nocturnal lives stir


21 Dusk

shades shapes shadows

penumbra coverage

welcomes witching hour



Speckled sepia sky

Scented with belladonna

New date begins


Dead of night

still silent cobalt blanket

Shrouds cities countryside

Sea shore hills homes

Julie Ann Thomason -  Has been composing poetry for over 30 years. Her poems normally begin with a phrase or sentence in her head that she likes the feel of.  She explores feelings, reactions to people, places, things, and events.

Julie studied English Lit at university and taught EFL in Spain. Initially for a nine-months, she fell in love with the country, living there for twenty-three years.  Fluent in Spanish, Julie composes in and translate into both languages. Translating began by giving Spanish friends, the opportunity to read her work.  It proved to be fascinating and instructive; she saw new meanings, better words, nudged nuances, through the prism of a different language.  

Julie became heavily involved with Primary English as a foreign language, which lead to her first publications textbooks in primary EFL

She performs poetry at spoken word events. If a piece of work is well received, she posts it on her blog.  During lockdown she worked on her writing and had her first poems published in 2020.   In 2022 Julie published her first poetry collection “The Possibility of Pebbles” poems inspired by the Japanese Tea Ceremony.

Julie was Scottish chair for WGGB 2010 – 2016.


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