Saturday 18 March 2023

Two Sonnets - by Pawel Markiewicz


Tree-like sonnet


I beguile a blazing courage of the ebony.

I bewitch a brilliant audacity of the elm.

I captivate a dazzling daring of the holly.

I entice a vivid endurance of the hornbeam.


I enrapture a flashing fearlessness of the fir.

I magnetize a glistening firmness of the wattle.

I enthrall a glittering fortitude of the birch.

I hypnotize a golden gallantry of the maple.


You carry away a luminous guts of the pine.

You enrapture a intense heroism of the oak.

You delectate a meek-radiant prowess of the lime.

You ensorcell a shimmering spunk of the redwood.


We wow a shiny tenacity of the poplar.

We spellbind a silvery valour of the rowan.



Gods and Goddesses


Achilles disarms the ballad.

Adonis draws composition.

Athena entices the beat.

Artemis lures creation.


Augeas writes the meek epic.

Chronos seduces the light ode.

Centaur beguiles dreamy lyric.

Demeter gratifies the rime.


Erato charms the poetry.

Dionysus allures an ode.

Eris fascinates poesy.

Euterpe magnetizes rhyme.


Hector describes a tender rune.

Hebe enchants Ovidian verse.

Paweł Markiewicz was born 1983 in Siemiatycze in Poland. He is a poet who lives in Bielsk Podlaski and writes tender poems, haiku as well as long poems. Paweł has published his poetry in many magazines. He writes in English and German.


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