Monday 13 March 2023

Four Poems by Jackie Chou


The Rain on My Parade


I say you're evil

yet I dive into your darkness

allow you to blacken

my shiny self


I say you’re mean

yet I let myself soak 

in the angry pools

of your gaze


I say you’re a loser

yet I’m the one

falling into your abyss


too deeply lost

that I cannot escape

the periphery of your world



The Rose 


I'm sure there are flaws in you 

like the brown edge of a rose 

dancing in the breeze 

yet I cannot see your blemishes

only your bedewed petals 

glistening in the sun 

your layers of depth 

when you move your lips 

so I will continue 

to follow the crooked cracks 

the trail of broken glass 

on this imperfect road 

leading me to you 

to that vibrant smile 

I remember so well



The Sky 


You are the sky 

between high-rise buildings 

I open the curtains 

just to see your face 

knowing what I see 

is not all of you 

but this piece of you 

that gives me a glimpse 

of your vast expanse 

You're capable of rain 

of thunder and lightning 

but on this clear morning 

you are my hope

my window 

to a brand new day



Windows to the Soul


Your eyes

are full of moonglow

almost ebony

under the shadows

of your black lashes


They glisten

not from joy 

or laughter

but the reflection

of the ceiling lamp


I wish I could bring smiles

to those oceans of pain

but they're too deep

in the woes of the past

Jackie Chou - is a poet of Japanese short form poetry and free verses from Southern California who gets her inspiration from both her inner world and outer surroundings.  Besides writing, she loves to watch Jeopardy and talent competitions on TV.


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