Thursday 16 March 2023

One Poem by Bob Eager


Trash Bag Therapy

Break free from your demons;

Stop them telling you are trash-

Regulate, Rediscover and Repeat!

Surround yourself with a trash bag.

Enclose your being in the confines of plastic,

Circumvent your inner turmoil…

Shout you are No longer trapped in circumstances!

Rip and release:

Peak through the hole You created.

Strip the bag away with your bare hands…

Slip into the onslaught of an Emotional relapse

The bag has been torn away-

Lastly tell yourself,

Congratulations for engaging in

Pat yourself on the back theatre!

Bob Eager has been published in Fevers of the Mind, Lothlorien Poetry Journal, Adelaide Magazine, Tuck Magazine, ASU Canyon Voices and Indiana Voice Journal. He has published two books Flipside of the Familiar and Darkside Relapsing.

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