Sunday 5 March 2023

Seven Poems by Rustin Larson - From APOLOGETIC LAGOON

From APOLOGETIC LAGOON by Rustin Larson




Four crows stroll

on the dark green lawn

like diplomats


I know it is just the wind

but those oak leaves quake

as if they are so afraid


Two young squirrels

chase each other's tail

around the trunk of a tree



Four yellow canoes

capsize in the middle

of the murky green lake


Mourning doves hoot

roosters scream

at children on bicycles


Echoing the breeze cool

I have a temperature

of 99.1



The chiropractor

did not let me sit

in the waiting room


There is currently no cure

Rest in God

my boy


How long does it take

to get through

300 kitchen matches




Close box before striking

Keep away from children

Light quickly and easily


There is a green light

in the honeysuckle

a limited lifetime warranty


A tattered $20 bill

A 2nd Covid shot

in the Stinger Honey Pharmacy



Calm as Earl Grey

minerals vitamins and herbs

pre-schoolers on happy pills


Yellow watercolour paint

on my trousers

clear blue day



than a touch on my head

or Black Forest ham



a medicine disposal safe

or Christian techno music

of tinkling raindrops


Elegant lady in skirt

no stockings

Danish white skin


Blue jay squawks

from a stand of pines

rhino skin lake water



A wife angry

before she leaves

with two children


3 Students

in flour sacks

and clothing made


Let them hear

like lonely doves

in the mountains



like almond fish

under the moon

of soft pastries

Rustin Larson's poetry appears in the anthology Wild Gods (New Rivers Press, 2021). Recent poems have appeared in London Grip, Poetry East, The Lake, Poetryspace, Pirene's Fountain, and Lothlorien Poetry Journal. His chapbook The Cottage on the Hill was published by in April of 2022.

He is on faculty in Maharishi International University's MFA in Creative Writing program. 

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